Daily motivation 2 – make a mantra

I was reminded of this one when watching this video:

If you want to make a difference, you need to make it real. Saying it out loud makes it more affirmed, and if we follow yesterday’s post, it’s better if we do it every day!

So my biggest focal point isn’t resolutions and it isn’t change. I do have a few things to say about those, but that’s not what’s driving my mantra. For me, it’s about happiness and positivity. I felt like 2012 was a bad year overall, and not just for me. Many of my friends suffered hardships too.

But I’m not letting 2013 be the same. So I started this morning – gave myself a glorious lie-in, woke with a smile, and said out loud to myself: “Today’s going to be a good day.”

I felt a bit silly, I’ll admit. But when my computer broke and I had to resort back to my laptop I didn’t change my mind and decide it was a bad day. No, I just told myself it’s okay, it’ll all work out, because today is a good day.

And it did – my base unit’s with my uncle and will be back tomorrow, I’ve seen some of my family, had loads of warm conversations and hugs from people I know wishing me the best for the new year. I’m writing this while cooking dinner and looking forward to another PJ night with LA. Noire.

It really does work! Tell yourself it’s a good day, and it will be. Then every bad thing that happens you can turn around and console yourself with the knowledge of today having a “good day” status. And, on the flip side, every good thing that happens means you can say to yourself that you were right.

When I left my building to visit my family I met a few of the guys downstairs, one of which approached me, hugged me, kissed my cheek and wished me happy new year. It was so uplifting, I walked out the door with a smile on my face, and whispered under my breath: “See, I knew today would work out.” Even now, as I get so engrossed in my writing I can smell my dinner burning slightly I am content – I like the scent of onions, so my flat’s going to smell of something I like, even if my food isn’t the best it can be. And I burn onions all the time – I still love the taste.

So, no matter how daft you feel, think on what matters to you. If you want to quit smoking, wake up and tell yourself today will be a strong day. If you want to lose weight, look yourself in the mirror and say out loud that you’re going to make it happen. Saying it makes it real, even if you’re the only person who needs to hear it. Sometimes that’s enough.



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