About Me

Hey, I see we haven’t met. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kirsty, and I’m a mid-twenties journalism graduate with a passion for words, whether it’s novels, short stories, poetry, articles and reviews, even the occasional fanfic. I’ve been a writer since before I could write, with a head so full of intricate characters, tales and worlds that there’s barely room for me.

What else can I tell you? I live alone, a stone’s throw from my local town centre and within an hour of Manchester, UK. I was diagnosed with dyspraxia early 2011, and I’ve yet to fully understand how it’s been affecting my life so far, but I’m getting there. My other passions include music, dancing, painting, drawing, singing, watching films and television shows and playing through my collection of video games.

I’m a social butterfly who enjoys people and all their wonderful intricacies, but my idea of a perfect evening would be a game marathon with my best friend, Alex, or curling up in the arms of my partner, Adam, to watch a DVD after a home-cooked meal (which he probably wouldn’t finish – he’s a light eater, which balances out the fact that I’ve got a plucky appetite most days).

I love Irn Bru. And making lists. And bubble baths, though I only have a shower right now. I need time by myself fairly regularly to concentrate and be productive, but when I have a problem I need to vocalise it to someone I trust to help organise my thoughts. I’m part Scottish and very proud of it. I hate food in the water when washing the dishes, so I tend to run the tap too much and empty the sink far too often. I almost always have music on in the background during the day and stand-up comedy playing as I fall asleep.

I’m a bit of an alternative dresser; I like bright colours as well as tassles, buckles and chains. I always try to dress for my mood – some outfits cheer me up, others make me feel confident. I have a few piercings – my ear lobs twice, the top of my right ear once and the left side of my nose. I practice poi and I’m learning tarot – my deck is based on dragons. I love reading books and things out loud, as long as it’s not something I’ve written, and my favourite thing about myself is probably my eyes, because I know how to dress them up and down, and I’ve been told more than once that they look pretty.

Oh! And I love pyjamas. I don’t let myself do this often, because a pj day is a do-nothing day, but I adore getting out of bed, changing into clean pyjamas, and spending the entire morning, afternoon and evening cuddled up in my flat in a dressing gown with bare feet watching trashy films, reading books and updating my blog.

We only get one chance at life. I work hard to enjoy every step of it. Big and small.

It’s been great talking with you,



last updated: 3rd Feb 2014


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