Sleepless compulsive

I know, I already blogged today. Technically I blogged more than once – I got inspired and queued a few dailies up so I can focus on my other blogs a little over the weekend. And because I have no life, can’t sleep and haven’t anything better to do a 2am…

I’ve been exploring WordPress, finding blogs I like. I reckon I’m going to update my lists soon – some of the blogs I have linked on my page are no longer updated, and some of the websites I never use. I’d prefer to keep my highlights more trimmed than overflowing.

I might also look into those buttons I mentioned once upon a time, if I feel like it fits.

I am so bad at organisation! I think I just need to close up shop for the night…

I might upgrade from Dylan Moran tonight and hunt down my Black Books boxset for bed time accompanyment. Familiar sounds soothe a restless mind, and I’m a little too energetic tonight. Stand-up or sit-com is sorely needed…


EDIT: An hour later, I’m still awake, and I’ve queued ANOTHER daily motivation post… they just keep niggling at me tonight! Oh, and I stuck with Dylan Moran stand-up… It’s making me smile, at least.


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