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I’m planning on starting posting videos again. I have a number of topics, ideas and a few requests, and I’m really looking forward to it.

However, I know this video posting will have to be a YouTube-based project. And that causes me to hesitate a little. I don’t have an issue with the website itself, of course. But to provide content invites response, and nowadays it is nigh impossible to get that response without aggression.

You guys know what I mean – trolls! The bane of the internet. The anger-fueled poison of people who take pure delight in pushing buttons to create heated conversations. And I don’t mean debates here. I think people who push to debate do so with some degree (usually) of respect for the opposing side.

I am a woman. I do no want to post videos because I want people to tell me I’m attractive. I do not want to be complimented OR ridiculed for my appearance. I will, of course, be “making an effort” to some extent because heaven forbid a woman do anything, anywhere without being presentable!

I’m using it an an excuse to experiment a little with make-up, hair and other girly things. Having dyspraxia means I’m not naturally very good at all that, and getting made up for the camera should be fun. But it’s for me that I am choosing to do that. Nobody else.

Finally, until I have gotten to grips with the moderation techniques and possibly even after I have, I will be blocking all comments on YouTube. Anyone who really wants to have a discussion can do so right here, where I am more comfortable with the site and commenting system. And I am always open to being contacted, via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else I have an online self. But if you cannot be respectful, I will not engage you.

For those of you who do kind-of want to see my videos, just be patient. It’ll come soon enough.

Thanks for reading folks!



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