Daily motivation 1 – do it every day

I’ve heard this one in a few places. Here’s a quote from an article discussing the concept:

If you do something every day, you tend to fall into a routine, and routine has a bad reputation. It’s true that novelty and challenge bring happiness, and that people who break their routines, try new things, and go new places are happier, but I think that some routine activities also bring happiness. The pleasure of doing the same thing, in the same way, every day, shouldn’t be overlooked. By re-framing, you can find happiness in activities like doing dishes or sweeping the floor, as well as your beloved morning coffee-and-newspaper.

I’m all for this idea, which is why I’m starting this blog – and posting every day! I’ve also considered exercising daily – it’s like she says earlier in her post. If you do it “some” days you spend half the time trying to decide if today’s the right day or not. So make every day the right day, and save yourself some time.

Hope this has been helpful!



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