My Wishlist

Five things I really want, and why…

  • Pokemon White 2 because I have to play everything in order, and everyone wants me to hurry up and get to Gen VI – I can’t do that without completing GEV V!!!
  • Zoo Tycoon for the Xbox 360 because it looks cool!
  • The new Animal Crossing game for 3DS – the whole series is ridiculously addictive!
  • “It Takes an Egg Timer” by Joanne Tombrakos to help me with my time management.
  • The boxset of my favourite anime, Princess Tutu (with original Japanese audio and English subtitles).

Also, a list of previous wish list hitters that I’ve since purchased:

  • A HD TV that, while small, means I can play my Xbox games and actually be able to see them!
  • The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Ruben
  • An SD card reader for my desktop computer
  • Nintendogs for 3DS – very adorable!
  • This nifty dice set to add some randomness to my writing – it’s just as awesome as it looks!
  • The “Child of Eden” Xbox game – wasn’t as awesome as it looked… at all…
  • One of the new yoga DVD’s I wanted – the other one is still on my list, but not as necessary.
  • Pokemon White – not that I’ve played it nearly enough!
  • A set of home-use exercise bike peddles to keep me working out while I’m working in.

For a more thorough look into my interests and desires, check out my Pinterest board.


last updated: 3rd Feb 2014


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