My Role Models

Like everyone else, there are many people who inspire and motivate me – family, friends, even strangers, can have a huge impact. But, for those of you not lucky enough to know the people who make my life sparkle out of the spotlight, here’s a list of some more well-known idols and iconic people who have in some way changed my perspective of made an impact on my life for the better:

  • Sojourner Truth (former slave) – for her strength, determination and powerful words on women’s rights.
  • Sally Kohn (liberal political commentator and former contributor for Fox News) – for teaching me about emotional correctness.
  • Liz Jones (columnist for the Daily Mail, former Editor of Marie Claire) – for the way she challenged the popular media’s fantasy portrayal of women and continued to stand her ground even when the rest of the fashion industry turned on her.
  • Aaron Swartz – for his battle to make the world a better and more fair place to live.
  • Berthe Fraser – for showing immense bravery when she was incarcerated and suffered incredible torture without breaking her silence to protect the former war prisoners she’d helped escape recapture during the Second World War.
  • Rear Admiral Grace Hopper – for teaching computers to talk by inventing the compiler in 1952, co-invented the first programming language, and was a mathematics professor in a time when such a career was rare for women. She was also actively involved in the US Navy for 40 years. A truly inspirational woman.

This list is not complete  – as I find more inspiring people I will be sure to add them.


last updated: 12th May 2014


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