A new daily project

The last 24 hours have been perfect.

I’m home now, freshly showered and fed a full, mildly unhealthy meal, curled up in my PJ’s and a fluffy dressing gown. I’m sad to not be with my partner tonight and to have left his family and home town behind, but I’m very happy to be home.

For me, happiness really is a choice. I’ve loved getting dressed up, drinking and dancing and singing my way into 2013. We didn’t go out, but I was in a happy place with happy people and the perfect atmosphere for warmth and contentment. We had a slow day, watched a funny film, took our time getting my things together, and enjoyed the drive home with nice music and conversation. Then, instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself when he left, I had my shower and am planning some fun things to do for the next two hours while I wait for his phone call confirming he’s home safely.

I take things to heart a lot. I’m a sensitive person at times, but I’m also quite easily impressed and very easily amused. I’ve trained myself to think positively and enjoy every moment, and 2013 is off to a good start.

That’s why, beginning tonight, I’m going to do a daily blogging project. Scary, I know, but I think you’ll all enjoy it.

I’m going to post a motivation every day. It might be a quote, might be an article or a web page, might be anything. But I’m going to share some motivation every day of 2013, and I’m going to back it up by telling you how it’s changed my thoughts, my feelings, and my life. After all, spoon feeding you and ignoring it myself is pointless!

Let’s see if I can keep this up, shall we? Fingers crossed…

Today’s motivation will be posted after this… keep ’em peeled!




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