100 Happy Days 8 – a hand written letter

Today I wrote a long-overdue letter to my friend in Portugal:

Got a long way to go

Apart from that I’ve been busy all day. Done a lot of walking, which is good. And I got my hair cut! The medication has killed my ends far too much. Now they’re gone, and I’ve dyed over the rest to make it one colour again.

I know I have a long way to go before everything’s back to normal, but every little step lights up my day.



Mornings, seminars and girly nonsense

Today’s just been one crazy muffin. I got woken up at 8.15am so a repair man could work on my front door, then when he left I was buzzed again for a plummer to come and fix my shower soon after 9am. Any thoughts of trying to sleep again vanished when I was told I couldn’t use my shower for 6 hours – some undignified alternatives had to be explored, and when I later decided to dye my hair I had to borrow the shower in a friend’s place instead.

I also (finally) ripped off my first ever set of acrylic nails – I was impressed as anything with myself for keeping them on for 4 days, even managing to navigate such complexities as dressing and text messages, only finding myself foiled by the difficulty in pressing the television set’s “on” button without using my knuckles. But I kept them on, that’s the main thing. And I’ve dyed my hair today, I’m getting it cut on Saturday and having my nails re-done at the weekend. Everything in the plus as far as I’m concerned.

Which brings us to the seminar – another excellent production hosted by Darwen Creates, this time an introduction to international exportation by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Not as relevant to me as some of the others, but it’s provided me with a new contact, some new support and a possible new direction to aim for with my personal career path.

Now I just have to wait for my dinner to cook in the oven before I can sit back and relax for a bit. Still, with these classes happening on a weekly basis I think I might come to see this day as “Take-Away Tuesday”. I fancy a chippy tea.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good day, which makes me a very content blogger.