100 Happy Days 7 – snake feeding day

The idea of defrosting a frozen baby mouse might not seem like the perfect way to spend a day, but there’s good reason why it’s made me happy:

My equipment ready for feeding time

See, when a snake isn’t happy it wont eat. Whether it’s unwell, coming close to shedding and feeling uncomfortable, dislikes the temperature or environment it’s in… it’ll let you know by refusing to feed. Often it can be that the snake just isn’t hungry. They don’t eat much, lets be honest. But every time my sheena successfully eats it shows me I’m getting it right. And it makes me really content.

It’s also quite fascinating to watch. The first feed I was a bit mortified by the weird, pink monstrosity I was defrosting. It didn’t even look like a mouse, it was more like a really tiny alien. But all that weirdness vanished the second she grabbed it. Suddenly it was her food, and the rest didn’t matter.

The extra happy from today’s feed was she struck for it. This is natural for corn snakes but, being as she’s still a baby, Sheena’s only getting used to everything. So encouraging her to lunge for it this way was brilliant.

Now she gets peace for a day or two so she can digest her food, and I get to lose myself in Dungeon Keeper 2.



100 Happy Days 6 – pictures on the wall

So this is one of my more DIY moments. I hung some string in lines on my wall the other week, and I finally got around to putting up pictures on them:

A line for artwork

The idea was to give myself the freedom to add as many of my art pieces as I wanted and move them around without damaging them. I’m just glad I got some work up there, I’ll be sure to keep adding to it. The line is in my bedroom, so not for “public viewing” as it were. But it brightens up an empty space above my bed, so I’m happy.

Also, on an unrelated note, I took Sheena (my 3-month-old pet corn snake) to visit Kerri today. She’s the one who let me hold her snake a year ago – and is, as a result, directly responsible for me buying me own. I fell in love with Linkin, and now I have Sheena I couldn’t be happier. I was so proud today with how she handled so many people.

Finally, I completed Professor Layton and the Lost Future today – cried at the end, finished all the puzzles, and now I’m waiting for the next one. Until then, I’m going to listen to Bill Bailey’s stand-up comedy show while I play Dungeon Keeper!


100 Happy Days 4 – food and games

Today I slept till late, went out for a bit, and when I came home I organised this:

Curry and Oblivion

That’s a chicken korma curry with my name all over it! Next to the ever-awesome Elder Scrlls IV: Oblivion. Guess what I’m doing right now…


100 Happy Days 3 – arts and crafts

Today I woke with a bit of a sore head and a lack of, to quote a favourite film of mine, “gumption”. So it became a crafty day:

Arts and crafts

Firstly, in the foreground, you can see a bowl. It’s not the neatest of bowls, but I made it myself using clay. I’m hoping to use it under a plant as a water dish when it’s finished.

Next, we have the lampshade. My old one was broken when someone put a foot through it (don’t ask) and the new one was rather dull, so I decided to spruce it up with some decoupage. Finally, the box is a work-in-progress project intended to house some folders when it’s finished.

I was reading a crochet book last night. I might start a new blanket project later on, or pick up my cross stitch again. See what we feel like as the day winds on.


100 Happy Days 2 – choosing a records book

This was a necessary action – as the owner of a snake it helps to keep a detailed record of the pet’s sheds and feeds. So I picked this notebook for Sheena:

Sheena’s new records book

I have no shortage of notebooks, most of which I haven’t found a good use for yet. This one just struck me when I first saw it in a shop, and I’m glad I picked it up.

Today’s been good for a few reasons. Lovely sleep, lots of snakey cuddles, a walk into town in which I got everything done I needed to, bumped into someone I’ve not seen in a while, spoke to someone else on the phone I haven’t heard from in ages, and saw quite a few members of my family. I’m feeling quite positive, all things considered. Now I’m having a chilled evening to myself with pyjamas, snacks and Black Books (which I found when I was looking for notebooks – another happy moment!)


100 Happy Days 1 – completed a puzzle game

I completed Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, to be precise. Although I don’t know where the actual box for the game itself is, so I had to take a photo of the next in the series:

Professor Layton and The Lost Future

I’ve had a recent binge in point and click adventure games, some of which have been brilliant. So getting back into Pandora’s Box was right up my street! The logic puzzles make me feel smart, which might seem daft but it keeps me on my toes.

I completed all the puzzles, including the extra ones, as well as finishing all the challenges. I might start the next one tonight or I might do something else. We’ll see what happens.