Back to YouTube

I’m planning on starting posting videos again. I have a number of topics, ideas and a few requests, and I’m really looking forward to it.

However, I know this video posting will have to be a YouTube-based project. And that causes me to hesitate a little. I don’t have an issue with the website itself, of course. But to provide content invites response, and nowadays it is nigh impossible to get that response without aggression.

You guys know what I mean – trolls! The bane of the internet. The anger-fueled poison of people who take pure delight in pushing buttons to create heated conversations. And I don’t mean debates here. I think people who push to debate do so with some degree (usually) of respect for the opposing side.

I am a woman. I do no want to post videos because I want people to tell me I’m attractive. I do not want to be complimented OR ridiculed for my appearance. I will, of course, be “making an effort” to some extent because heaven forbid a woman do anything, anywhere without being presentable!

I’m using it an an excuse to experiment a little with make-up, hair and other girly things. Having dyspraxia means I’m not naturally very good at all that, and getting made up for the camera should be fun. But it’s for me that I am choosing to do that. Nobody else.

Finally, until I have gotten to grips with the moderation techniques and possibly even after I have, I will be blocking all comments on YouTube. Anyone who really wants to have a discussion can do so right here, where I am more comfortable with the site and commenting system. And I am always open to being contacted, via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else I have an online self. But if you cannot be respectful, I will not engage you.

For those of you who do kind-of want to see my videos, just be patient. It’ll come soon enough.

Thanks for reading folks!




There isn’t even a sensible name for this post!

So we’re on the first day in September, and my brain is frazzled! I feel like there’s so much to do, and I’ve no idea where to start.

I’m still in the poorly camp, and that’s probably why everything feels so overwhelming. I went to visit Durham for a week to take my mind off the approaching medical assessment (stayed with the boyfriend, was much more relaxing than staying home and freaking out). But, after waiting in the room for an hour to be called, they told us they didn’t have time to see me and sent us home. New appointment is at the end of the month.

What else… I have a tumblr now, with hardly anything on it because I can’t figure out what to use it for. I’ve had a few ideas, but we’ll see if any of them take off. I am tempted to start vlogging again, as well as connecting my accounts up because, right now, they’re all very separate and independent – Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest… we’ll see what happens.

I think I’ll leave it there, I just felt like sharing. I’m off to check on the Sheeny-bop. She’s ready for shedding again!



I’ve just made a new account on Tumblr. As if Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, WordPress, Pinterest and LinkedIn weren’t enough already…


I’ve been really lame about blogging, so I’ll give you all a recent picture of Sheena to enjoy:

My little girl checking out one of her new toys - 6 months old.

My little girl checking out one of her new toys – 6 months old.


Hope you’re all having a lovely summer!


Another little drop

Turns out the lowered dose of medication was too steep – I’m back in the danger zone again, but we’re being proactive about it and my dosage has been adjusted.

Still, it’s caused some setbacks in my month. I’ve kept up with stocked items and checking the diary – everything else has sloped off a little. But I’m no super-heroine, I’m only a human being, and I can’t expect the world from myself when myself isn’t up to it.

Fingers crossed the medication changes work and I end up back in perky-land. until then, we’ll see what happens.


Lots of little projects

So far January’s dive into clutter management and organisation has gone well. I’m well-stocked on shampoo and other essentials. My flat has been rearranged. And my diary is firmly in daily use. But, much as I am content with the tidy appearance of my living space, I know I can’t just let it rest. There’s so much more I need to get done to consider January’s resolution firmly tackled.

On top of this I have other projects and deadlines to hit. Lists have become my best friend. I’d lose track without them! I have three sets of things that need doing – my HabitRPG list, which contains lots of bigger things that might get done “eventually”, but aren’t always things that need doing right now. Some of those things have been on there a few months! But when they do get done I’ll be proud.

Then there’s my diary lists, which aren’t so much lists as a spare notebook. On the pages for days I’ve passed I fill the space by scribbling reminders for myself, which keeps me coming back to the diary and saves the paper I’d use for the same purpose.

Finally there’s Chrome and my Google Drive lists. Some of these don’t count – lists of things I need to watch at some point, for example. But one of these pages is my firm to-do list, and this contains all my Happiness Project things.

On here I have the dreaded shoe-clearance mentioned from way back when. I have a bowl of used batteries I need to recycle, and a box of old tablets I’m never going to need again – dealing with both of these is also on my list. Little steps towards less clutter. Some things, like booking my B12 injection, won’t take very long, while others could take a while – like clearing my inbox, a guilty list of thousands of things I know I’ll never actually read in their entirety.

But it all needs doing and, once it’s done, I’ve achieved something. That’s my motivation. I’m already getting much better at things, like trying to follow Gretchen Rubin‘s rule of, if it won’t take five minutes, just do it. That’s making small differences that add up to a big difference.

Today I’ve attended a meeting, been to the shops, been told I was successful in at least one of my voluntary position applications and written this blog post. I also finally got round to reading April’s chapter in The Happiness Project. But there’s still a lot I need to do – At least 4 pieces of writing on Deviant Art, one of which is due by Friday and the rest for the end of the months. A few pixel images for the guys over at HabitRPG. I’m half way through cooking my dinner, and I haven’t yet done today’s Duolingo French class. And, of course, I need to cram in some more exercise as well as that little shopping jaunt – although last night’s attempt nearly killed me! A bit too much too quickly.

We’ll see what we get done. There’s no rush, after all. I have the rest of the evening to suss it out.

Wish me luck!



I’ve finally got around to it – my blog post about the most useful life hacking game around – HabitRPG.

Meet my avatar:

HabitThis isn’t what you start with, and it’s not as good as you can get. But that’s what my little person looks like now.

So what is HabitRPG?

It’s a website you can use to track your progress with daily tasks, to-do lists and other essential things in your life. it helps you keep track of how productive you are. And, when you do manage to do something right, you get a reward – this can be something you choose for yourself. You can decide to set a goal, and earn a certain amount of habit gold before spending it to “buy” a reward for yourself. Or, if you’re like me, you can spend it on shiny things for your character.

The website is wonderful and complicated, so I won’t give too much description. but there’s lots of great, hard-working and motivated people over there. It’s really helped me get on top of a lot of things.

And I now have 102 people following my personally-set challenge! I covered this in a blog post a little bit ago, my “six little boxes” – it seems to be gaining at least some popularity. I’m so glad it’s helping people!

So there you have it! Check out habit, see if it’s for you and, if it is, let me know! I’d love to help more people find it.