100 Happy Days 7 – snake feeding day

The idea of defrosting a frozen baby mouse might not seem like the perfect way to spend a day, but there’s good reason why it’s made me happy:

My equipment ready for feeding time

See, when a snake isn’t happy it wont eat. Whether it’s unwell, coming close to shedding and feeling uncomfortable, dislikes the temperature or environment it’s in… it’ll let you know by refusing to feed. Often it can be that the snake just isn’t hungry. They don’t eat much, lets be honest. But every time my sheena successfully eats it shows me I’m getting it right. And it makes me really content.

It’s also quite fascinating to watch. The first feed I was a bit mortified by the weird, pink monstrosity I was defrosting. It didn’t even look like a mouse, it was more like a really tiny alien. But all that weirdness vanished the second she grabbed it. Suddenly it was her food, and the rest didn’t matter.

The extra happy from today’s feed was she struck for it. This is natural for corn snakes but, being as she’s still a baby, Sheena’s only getting used to everything. So encouraging her to lunge for it this way was brilliant.

Now she gets peace for a day or two so she can digest her food, and I get to lose myself in Dungeon Keeper 2.



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