100 Happy Days 3 – arts and crafts

Today I woke with a bit of a sore head and a lack of, to quote a favourite film of mine, “gumption”. So it became a crafty day:

Arts and crafts

Firstly, in the foreground, you can see a bowl. It’s not the neatest of bowls, but I made it myself using clay. I’m hoping to use it under a plant as a water dish when it’s finished.

Next, we have the lampshade. My old one was broken when someone put a foot through it (don’t ask) and the new one was rather dull, so I decided to spruce it up with some decoupage. Finally, the box is a work-in-progress project intended to house some folders when it’s finished.

I was reading a crochet book last night. I might start a new blanket project later on, or pick up my cross stitch again. See what we feel like as the day winds on.



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