All change places

Three things I need to mention:

First of all, I’ve changed the name and tagline of the blog. The relocating writer has relocated, but not as far as was planned. I’m getting a lot better health-wise, but there’s so much more I need to focus on before I take the big step and leave my home town. So the blog has shifted focus a little to reflect my personal situation.

Secondly, The Happiness Project is on stand still. I am not ignoring the steps i have made so far, but i wont be adding to it. As my health improves I need to spend my time wisely, pace myself properly and give my attention to things that matter. That’s why much of my online presence has taken a backseat of late. I’m just following my instincts on what task I’d be most productive doing at any given time.

Thirdly, and finally, I’m going to start the 100 days of happiness challenge. Considering everything I’ve just said this might feel a bit odd, but it’s a light little piece of fun to keep my days varied. I already feel like I’m quite a cheerful person, and I never struggle to find the silver lining even on the worst days. but my friends who have already started the challenge post so many wonderful pictures on Facebook that I feel like joining in.

So watch this space.



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