A snake called Sheena

This is a backdated post, but I needed to put one up to mark this date.

I now have a snake. As of today she is 2 months old – hatched in February 2014. And she is gorgeous!


I spent a year considering whether to buy a snake, researched into everything about them first, and made sure it was the right decision. I would urge all prospective pet owners to do the same – never take on a pet you cannot care for.

I saw a meme about dogs that said they might be around for 20 years of your life, but you ARE their whole life. It’s the same for any animal you take on – your decisions shape their lives, even if you don’t keep them. Who you pass them on to defines the next chapter for them. So be responsible, for their sake.

Sheena’s a baby now, barely longer than a 30cm ruler, but she will grow to be about 5ft in length and live for a good 15-20 years. Some corn snakes like her even live up to 25 years which, as they keep growing throughout their lives, would result in a snake anywhere up to 6ft long. I do have to feed her frozen dead mice, at the moment just baby ones. I do keep these in my freezer and defrost them before feeding her. And I do have to monitor her tank’s temperature, control it with an electric heat mat, and check inside her mouth and down her body for any disease or infection. She hasn’t bitten me and the risk of her doing so, despite what you might think, is very slim.

I am not what you would call a reptile person – not that I have any idea what that even means! But she’s beautiful, and in many ways the perfect pet for me. Especially at the moment – it’s an expensive set up for a snake, but they’re cheap to feed and relatively low-maintenance. So with all my health troubles she’s very well-suited.

I hope she’s a part of my life for a long time.



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