March – all about routine

My first month focused quite heavily on my environment, and my second was supposed to tie that down to looking at myself a little more. both of these were ambitious, and set me up for a lot of positive energy. But march is going to bring those two elements together, while appreciating the fact that I am moving into a new home in the first week.

All About Routine:

  • Figure out the frequency
  • Make the time and the space
  • Be informed and connected
  • Experiment with different methods
  • If in doubt, make it visual

A lot of that probably seems self-explanatory, but I’ll divulge my thoughts all the same.

Frequency refers to tasks and how often they need completing. I know that a regular cleaning routine, for one, makes the large spring-cleaning binge a lot less daunting. But, at the same time, I don’t want to overdo it, especially not with my current health issues. I will also need to make the time and space for these things alongside my other resolutions. Moving house doesn’t mean I’m done de-cluttering, and if anything it’ll be a setback in the organising. Then there’s the February routines, like skin care and nail painting.

As for informed and connected, this refers more to external bodies, like medical appointments. Then there’s the dreaded address change with every human being of any importance I’ve come into contact with for the last two years. I made a special effort to find out the opening times of my local shop, as well as making sure they could top up my gas and electric keys. These kind of details need to be faced, dealt with and updated.

Still, routines are never fixed without flexibility, and a new environment is the perfect chance to try new things. I’m hoping to research and experiment with different ways to do everything in hopes to find what works best for me. Like cleaning, for example. Anyone can clean, though not everyone can clean well. I don’t want to live in a home full of dust, dirt and grime. And there are easier ways to do things – I even bought a book which proudly boasts that it’ll tell me how to clean anything to perfection. What it will succeed in doing is giving me options.

Finally, the visual element. We’re talking contact cards, address books, time tables, to-do lists, reminder notes – anything that works to keep it fresh and active in my mind.

March’s resolutions are partly huge and partly nothing compared to the first two. In a way, looking at your whole routine is a pretty big deal, and this is a wholly encompassing resolution. but at the same time, everyone has routine to their lives. Even the most unstructured person can follow through with eating as hungry and sleeping as tired, or have particular ways to eat, clean or complete daily tasks. I’m not about to turn my life into a schedule. But by the end of the month I might have something of a schedule-nature on paper. It could even just be in my head, and as simple as remembering to change the bed on certain days of the week. This resolution gives me lots to play with but no pressure, time to bring in past month’s challenges and a really positive step towards settling in to my new home.

All in all, it’s looking good for March. I’ll be sure to update you all on the other side of the move, from the comfort of my new flat, on how everything is going.



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