February – reflection

For a lot of reasons there’s not much to reflect upon for February’s resolutions. My short stint in hospital means thins really haven’t gone to plan, not to mention the whole “here’s the keys to your new flat” part.

So I have 10 days left before my tenancy here ends and my new one officially begins in my own flat. We’re part way through redecorating, I have new carpets being fitted in a few days, and after that it’s just furniture and organising. It’s not going to be perfect, by a long shot – I’m still so unwell I can barely do any of the work myself, which mortifies me. None of the rooms will be coloured how I’d choose – just the basic paint they gave us for the job. My living room’s wall paper is wonky, but that was from the last tenant and we haven’t enough time or hands to fix it now. But it’s going to be mine, and I’ll make it right piece by piece.

As for the rest of the resolutions… it’s still rolling. I’m going to put some real thought into March’s choices and make sure I can work everything in comfortably without over stretching my boundaries.

That’s right, I’m still on a lot of medication, quite seriously poorly, in the middle of moving house, and refusing to give up on my happiness project. I know I’m not being as successful as I could be in better circumstances, but this isn’t better circumstances. this is now, and I’m still gaining some personal pleasure from the little achievements I’ve earned along the way.

Happy February,



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