Too much reading

Yes, this is a thing, and I’ve become hopelessly guilty of it over the past week. It’s not just reading, either – videos and images. I’m obsessed with absorbing content!

But there has been a large number of subtle changes and important influences which I have gained from this time of pure absorption.

Firstly, I’ve found some serious issues to become involved in. Causes to support. Movements to believe in. Some were already existent and have been strengthened by my research. Others I’ve discovered anew, but found a burning passion for them that I cannot bring myself to ignore.

Secondly, I’ve found a growing desire to write. Not my fictitious works so much, but more serious issues. I find myself looking at ways to contribute to the sites that influence me the most. And, while I accept that now is not the right time for me to make those steps, it’s becoming a future goal to shoot for.

Thirdly, all this is helping my Happiness Project. It’s giving me distractions on the days I’m feeling unwell, such as today. And it’s giving me more ideas for goals and tasks I can work into later months.

So there’s a lot of positive coming out of this. And that’s the excuse I tell myself when I’m still reading articles and watching videos at 4am…

I need to stop doing that. It’s really not good for me!



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