January – reflection

So how has the first month of my Happiness Project progressed?

To begin with, it definitely hasn’t gone strictly as planned. The health conditions I’ve been tackling really did a number on me several times over the past few weeks. But that’s not something anyone can help and, ignoring the things we can’t change, lets look at the rest.

I’m moving house in a few weeks. I’ve been told I was successful on bidding for the flat I wanted, and as soon as it is ready for me to go I’ll be taking it. This is going to be another tricky ordeal, with the whole health thing, but we will get there in the end.

This change means I can keep focusing on January’s resolutions as rolling tasks through February in preparation for moving day. I have been working on downsizing, getting rid of chunks of rarely used belongings in favour of space, and packing things up that I do wish to keep. I’ve also begun to rely heavily on my diary, loving the organisation of having everything written down in front of me. It makes me feel more productive, not just looking ahead, but also flicking back. Seeing the lists of chores, appointments and events I’ve done.

As for keeping stocked, I’ve managed well. I’ve never found myself short of essentials like shampoo. I pretty much always have a loaf of bread around, and I’ve even managed to start eating my way through the whole thing before it starts turning green. On top of this, it’s brown now! I’ve progressed from white to 50/50, and now I eat brown bread.

I’ve been thinking about February’s resolutions, and I’m still a little undecided on which direction to take. I want to go for something that wont work against my moving needs, but at the same time I think a lot of that is covered by the clutter and organisation tasks. So I have another 24 hours to make up my mind, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting about my next round of resolutions.

Until then, happy January everyone!



2 responses to “January – reflection

  1. Well, better late than never with those February resolutions! Mustn’t rush things you know. What’s the use of making those resolutions rashly and not following them anyway dadblameit! Sounds like the professor you know…..

    • Hehe, they’re not so much late as rolling. I’m still following January’s resolutions and adding more for February. It’s all things I do some of anyway, but things I need to do more, or focus on better, so it’s not too difficult really.

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