Why “girl gamer” is no longer a thing

Or, at least, why it shouldn’t be.

I just read this:


I agree, I applaud, and I thoroughly chastise myself! I used to be so proud of “being a girl gamer”, and for what? What other past-time has such gender stereotyping? I’m a girl-reader, a girl-manga fan, a girl-geek… I’m a girl, and all these other things. Why does this distinction matter so much?

Just needed to shout out my appreciation of this article and the message alongside it. I feel like my eyes have been a little more opened to how, even as an act of defiance, I have been labelling myself incorrectly. I am a gamer. And I am a girl. But I am not, nor will I ever again be, a girl gamer.



2 responses to “Why “girl gamer” is no longer a thing

  1. I don’t understand the point of “girl gamers”. Yes I am a girl. Yes I play games. But just because I’m a girl that plays games doesn’t mean I’m special. Can I also add that I was literally sitting playing The Last of Us when I came across this.

    • Yeah, exactly. I guess I never really put much thought into it as a “thing” before. I love simulation games, and I used to sort of pretend I didn’t because I was sure I’d be judged as being a girl who likes girly games instead of a person who likes a variety of games. But I don’t care anymore – it just struck me as significant that I never realised how stereotypical I myself was being about my own interests.

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