Over half way

Hitting my health wall made me miss the actual half-way point of January’s resolution, so here’s a late update.

I’m still feeling pretty good about my progress. I haven’t been able to de-clutter as effectively as I would like, but I’m hoping to make up for that now I’m a bit more stable again. I’ve found some hugely useful tools to help me keep on top of those milestones, and if anything listing all the things I can do to achieve January’s resolution is helping me want to do it more than holding me back.

I’ve mind-mapped both my six little boxes and my happiness project on a site called Subtask, which I am loving! I know it’s more geared towards group check listing than my previous one, which was MindMeister, but I just feel more comfortable with it. I’m also keeping small to-do lists on a new app I’ve found for Chrome called Google Keep. It’s much more fun to use than Google Documents for those things I need to make sure I don’t forget to do. Sort of reminds me of having the postet-notes on my laptop screen – because mine is an app, it’s more of a pop-out than part of the web page. Very nifty!

Speaking of computers, I have sort-of added another cluttering to-do. Keeping my online things updated – like the email inbox. I’ve a few other things like that – for days when the physical gets too much, do something digital.

The diary has become a legend. I honestly don’t know how I kept up without it, having so many dates and appointments to remember! And the stocking up has really helped too, since a few days back I had an accident with my freezer breaking and destroying all my food. It helps to be counting pennies for a loaf of bread while knowing I’m not going to run out of shampoo at the same time.

Finally, I’m trying to help with the cluttering by being strict to my self-image. A lot of people keep things, myself included, for so many different reasons. Gretchen Rubin lists loads of them in her book. But I’ve found a plan that I’m hoping will work for me.

I’m creating, in my mind, a self-image. This idea of me, who I am, who I want to be, and where I’m going. Everything I come across, I won’t be saying “do I use it?” I’ll be asking myself “does it suit me?” Does this item of clothing fit my image? Do these numerous posters I still cling to from school days really feel at home in my flat? Do I really need a collection of accessories I never wear?

This approach, as a concept, excites me. It makes me want to delve into the deepest corners of my home, drag things out and throw them into a corner marked “leaving my life”. So that’s what I’m going to do.

And, as I get on with it, I’m going to keep ticking these milestones off my list. Never forget the things you’ve done in aspiration of the things you yet need to do.



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