I’ve finally got around to it – my blog post about the most useful life hacking game around – HabitRPG.

Meet my avatar:

HabitThis isn’t what you start with, and it’s not as good as you can get. But that’s what my little person looks like now.

So what is HabitRPG?

It’s a website you can use to track your progress with daily tasks, to-do lists and other essential things in your life. it helps you keep track of how productive you are. And, when you do manage to do something right, you get a reward – this can be something you choose for yourself. You can decide to set a goal, and earn a certain amount of habit gold before spending it to “buy” a reward for yourself. Or, if you’re like me, you can spend it on shiny things for your character.

The website is wonderful and complicated, so I won’t give too much description. but there’s lots of great, hard-working and motivated people over there. It’s really helped me get on top of a lot of things.

And I now have 102 people following my personally-set challenge! I covered this in a blog post a little bit ago, my “six little boxes” – it seems to be gaining at least some popularity. I’m so glad it’s helping people!

So there you have it! Check out habit, see if it’s for you and, if it is, let me know! I’d love to help more people find it.



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