Welcome home

It’s been a fun week or so away, and a hectic day back in my own flat, but it’s great to be home. I’ve got so much done it’s incredible, I feel really proud of myself. True, I’ve found more things that need doing than things I’ve actually managed to achieve, but at least it means I won’t be bored this month!

Technology isn’t on my side today it seems – everything that could get broken has done! But it’s all ended up working eventually, so that’s good. My flat is very organised, which makes me feel very happy. I’m keeping up with my diary, which is great – one of the resolutions I was most worried about for January, to be fair. I’m not the most reliable of people at doing something regularly.

And, on a good note, I’m really tired… I can’t wait for bed time later! but it’s still a little early yet, and I’ve a few more things to do first. I’m going to get on with those things now.



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