Three thinking spaces

I often find that my best thoughts come from time spent doing one of three things:


Whether it’s the time before falling asleep, the inspiration from dreams or the half-lucid thoughts of waking moments, I love my sleep mind. I come up with great story ideas, remember tonnes of things I need to do, and generally enjoy the feeling that my body is so mellowed out that my thoughts can simply wander.


This can be split into a subset of baths and showers – at the moment I only have a shower in my flat, so it’s the repetitive cocoon of crashing water and auto-pilot actions that frees my mind to contemplate the wider universe. But the shear tranquility of soaking in a tub of bubbles and scents can generate it’s own sense of mental stimulation, and that is something I find myself missing sometimes.


This one’s pretty universally accepted. If you have a destination in mind, so you’ve no need to think of which way to go, and you just get walking your mind floats. The chemicals released by your brain from exercise and sunlight exposure do wonders both physically and mentally.  I know I have the best intellectual conversations with friends when we’re walking somewhere.

Also, this morning I read March’s chapter in The Happiness Project. It really made me want to figure out what to do with my career – which, at the moment, just isn’t.

Maybe I should go for a walk and think it over…



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