Steroids, sleep and Sherlock Holmes

A part of me can’t believe they didn’t tell us… but, of course, a part of me totally can. They make us wait two years for the third season of Sherlock only to not explain how he survived the fall at the end of season two. Because Steven Moffat is a cruel literary genius.

Today’s my first day of 15mg steroids – another jump down. I’ve had a headache all day, but I’ll live. I’m also struggling to sleep at the moment, again something I’m putting down to the medication. I honestly do hope things balance out, and that the problems don’t persist into being chronic. But if they do we’ll just get on with it, of course.

I’m alone in my boyfriend’s haunted house. Should I be worried?

One thing I do need to do today is finish one of my Deviant Art group stories. It’s due in maybe two days. But I’m finding it hard building the motivation to make it awesome. I might just have to do my best for now and rework some of it later…

As for this exact moment, I’m thinking  of reading the next section of The Happiness Project – March. I’m enjoying splitting it down like that and reading each month at a time. Hopefully it’ll feed my fire a bit and I can get to work afterwards.



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