January – clutter and organisation

The year 2014 has begun, and here’s my January resolution:

Clutter and Organisation

  • Check my diary/calendar every day (and learn to keep using it)
  • Look for things to give away or sell
  • Find everything a home
  • Keep stocked up on essentials
  • If it’s not used often get it packed for moving day

So, for the month of January, I’m going to try and follow these 5 things every day, in an effort to stay on top of my life. This will make me happier because checking my diary and keeping stocked up on things like shampoo will keep me more organised. Packing things I don’t use often and getting rid of things I use even less will make the task of moving house much easier to manage. And the act of finding everything a home, then learning to return it to that home, should make my personal space much cleaner.

Makes sense, no? Lets see how we do.



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