A project for happiness

After a sleepless night and a comfortable lie-in I was awoken in my partner’s bed by the news that my book had arrived. Gretchen Ruben’s “The Happiness Project“. I eagerly sat up, still in my pyjamas, and devoured the first 15 pages, cementing in my mind the ideas and principles she outlines while being charmed utterly by her writing style. Not that I wasn’t charmed already by her blog. But the purchase of this book was something I was pinning a lot of focus on, and that it arrived on the last day of the year couldn’t have delighted me more. I’m odd like that – I like numbers and things that fit.

I read out loud my favourite parts to Adam, my boyfriend, as he massacred zombies on his Xbox One, and began thinking over what 12 things I would pick to focus on, as well as 12 commandments to try and follow.

Well, the commandments isn’t happening yet. That takes a lot of thought and effort – I have a day, not even, before the beginning of the year and my January resolutions. I also have a lot of uncertainty in the next 12 months – the move to Durham is still on the cards, but not as a definite. Money is going to play a huge part in that, for a start.

So I’ll have to pick each one as it comes. And I’m either going to have to start with the health or with the clutter.

I’ve been on the medication for a few weeks now. I’m feeling much better, but still having rough days – hence the lie-in this morning. I’ve also got a little weight behind me from the steroids, which will need shifting, of course. But there’s only so much I can do while I’m still on them and, while I’m keen to start, I can’t be beaten down if I don’t make much progress.

So exercise will be a thing – I do still have my six little boxes, and I’m going to keep using that approach in conjunction with HabitRPG to stay productive. But I’m going to have a bash at the Happiness Project method too, while reading more of Gretchen Ruben’s wonderfully engaging book.

I’ll post again tomorrow with January’s resolutions after I’ve figured them all out. Watch this space.



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