Pixel craze

So recently I seem to have adopted a new vocation in pixel art. I’m very open with everyone who knows me about my health troubles, physical limitations and, dare I say it, “disability” (although I am not disabled, do not see myself that way, and fish).

I have a social and physical disorder known as dyspraxia. If you’ve no idea what that is, here’s a handy link to explain. And, no, I can’t ride a bike.

I am an artist at heart, but not in body. I can’t train my hands to get any better than they are. Sure, abstract things work okay, but that’s not always what a person wants to achieve.

Then, one day, I found a wonderful tutorial on how to make a very snazzy-looking pixel cube. And, from there, the world exploded into possibilities I didn’t have before. I don’t think my art is brilliant, I know I’m still just a beginner. But I managed to make things in a week that were better than anything I could draw by hand in a month. And I’m even getting brave enough to try animations now.

I’m proud of my pixel work. It’s less complicated for my brain than learning the programming, it means I can be useful to my friends in the computer world, and it’s even given me some opportunities to contribute to bigger projects and communities. And I’ve been doing it for a matter of weeks.

I can’t wait to see where this goes.



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