Weekend updates

I am so tired! Not from a lack of sleeping, but from a busy few days. On Thursday I went swimming for the first time in about two years, and I nothing short of LOVED it! I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to go back. Then, to make my exercising boom even more interesting, my copy of the first and second Kinect Sports games arrived on Saturday.

As a result, my body is seriously achey, but I’m in such a good mood. Even though it’s a Sunday I got out of bead before 11. I struggle to do that even on a weekday usually, but after so much exercise it just felt natural to stay awake at that time. I’ve been doing some more on the games today, but not quite as much. Now I’m sitting on my sofa killing time before making my dinner – which is going to be curry.

I do need to do some stuff today. My flat needs a little bit of a tidy, I have a few dishes to wash, and then there’s the making of dinner itself. But first I’m having a rest on my sofa while watching the first season of Big Bang Theory. And, of course, doing a little update for you all. I’m well aware of how “absent” I tend to be on my blog at the moment – and, even then, I’m just referring to this one. My other two are practically growing cobwebs.

But there’s plenty of time for catching up. Happy Sunday everyone.



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