Museday: Feminism

Firstly, I am pro-feminist. Secondly, I screen my comments. So don’t bother being disrespectful.

Great, now that’s out the way, I’d like to share my thoughts with you on equality. I’ve never considered myself to be a feminist, not ever, because I’m far too romantic and traditional at heart. I love the man ordering at restaurantes and paying at the end of a meal. That’s not about the money – I’ve slipped the fare into my partner’s hand before going into a place before now. It’s about chivalry and being a gentleman. But, as a believer in these sorts of actions, I never found myself particularly unhappy with society’s treatment of women. In other countries I know it’s different but society’s different everywhere. I can only generate a clear opinion on what I see in my own world.

And, as of a few weeks ago, I realised I wasn’t as happy as I thought. I can trace this unhappiness back to reading this article the day before my birthday and realising there’s still a lot of unbalance in the world. And I’ve been noticing it in my daily life ever since. I know a lot of feminist activists behave in ways that draw negative attention to themselves, but that exists in every political, social and religious standpoint to some degree. Feminism just seems to be one big joke to a lot of people.

I have realised I’m a feminist because I think being aggressive at 17-year-old girls is disrespectful and rude. I think the sexual comments surrounding their pictures are disgusting, and I was appaulled by the twitter comments to the girl in particular who worked to start everything.

You talk about us as if we’re conquests then have the nerve to brand us with names if we don’t remain utterly prudish. Well, if we weren’t sleeping with you then you’d have no conquests. And we’re not pro-chastity, we’re pro-choice. And I’m choosing to be more aware of my environment. I won’t be bombarding advertisements with emails because of their location next to sexist material. The internet insults everyone because there’s very little censorship and, even when people don’t believe in something, it’s funny to upset people. On a much smaller scale even I enjoy niggling on people’s nerves a bit. I’d never do anything overtly personal or aggressive, whether that’s on a physical or emotional level. But a lot of people would.

I’m just going to read up more and keep my eyes open. We’ll see where it goes.



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