Inspiration: Giving up’s the only way to fail

Pretty much what it says on the tin today (I love posts like that). I’ve been trying to do so many thing recently, but I know even if I don’t do them for days or even weeks at a time it’s only a fail if I don’t go back.

Look at dieting and healthy eating. Yes, if you have a binge of food, it’s not a good thing. But it’s also not a fail, just a fall. The fail only comes when you don’t get back on with it.

Zumba’s one I’m trying to get the hang of at the minute. It’s madness! More speed and work than any dancing I’ve done before, but it is pretty good fun. And, in a way, you feel almost more like you really are dancing because there’s some flexibility in the steps for flair. Most steps are still quite robotic and awkward but once I do a step often enough or for long enough I can relax into it. My body can get used to it and, with a bit of confidence, I can start to enjoy it without working my mind as hard to figure out the correct movement. It becomes more fluid.

Still, I’m going out for my birthday tomorrow evening (25 years old!) and I doubt I’ll be a better dancer for the effort!

Let’s find out, shall we?



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