List: Five game moments that made me jump

This list is inspired by by second attempt at playing through Deadly Premonition now my unsettlement meter has been adjusted.

***spoiler alert***

…just in case anyone’s worried. They’re slight, but still.

5 – Left 4 Dead

There was a dark building with a witch. I had my light off, managed to sneak past her, climbed up the staircase… and, with a sigh of relief, turned on my torch… to the face of a tank… needless to say I died a death, but not before screaming like a little girl. The game’s not “scary” in any sense of the word, but the way that moment played out just got me.

4 – Decay

Indie game with cool graphics, decent storyline, rather unsettling moments… but there were two bits that shot me through the roof. One in part 2 and one in part 4 – although I did experience a few jumps in there.

3 – Dead Space

Never managed to get far through this one – second time I tried I got bored… but that first time? Unarmed? in the lift? There just aren’t words.

2 – Resident Evil 5

Though not for the regular gameplay – for that one moment in the Lost in Nightmares DLC when I could hear the hammer guy getting closer but no sign of him… lets just say, having my back to a wall wasn’t as safe as I thought when I turned around to see the wall gone and him about to hammer me in the face!

1 – Bioshock

Hate it when the lights go off and all you get for a few seconds is pitch darkness, scraping metal and hysterical giggling. But the one moment that scared me the most? The gas man. I screamed the house down the first time! I know that’s not very descriptive but you’ll know what I mean when you get there, I’m sure.

So, yeah… if I can cope with this kind of torment I’m sure demon dogs bigger than cars and spectre’s who do the crab-bend and walk towards me backwards should be no trouble…

In theory…



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