List: Five things I should be doing today

Such a cop out, I know, but I had a drink yesterday and, while I’m not hung over as such, I don’t really feel like doing anything I should be.

So here’s what I’m avoiding doing right now:

The Dishes – if you took a look at my kitchen, you’d understand…

Washing – because it’s starting to mount up.

Tidying My Bedroom – as a result of yesterday’s drunken escapades my floor’s covered in crisps, flowers, a broken razor I think I stood on, and a load of other things I just didn’t put away.

Mop My Bathroom – the floor around my sink is still stained with purple-blue splodges from last time I dyed my hair.

Hoovering My Living Room – after letting Berni put acrylic gel over my nail varnish I’ve had hell trying to get it off, and the area around my sofa is covered in green flakes from my attempts.

Sounds like nothing, but it’s a tonne of things when you’re feeling lazy. What I HAVE done today is changed my bed, gone for an hour’s walk around the countryside, taken a photograph of a frog on my phone, dried my hair after my shower in the sunshine and generally burned myself slightly outdoors. I’ve done some more Tarot studying, and now I’m lying back on my sofa writing this post before doing some Xbox gaming.

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged after a drunken night out. This is dedication and a half this is!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.



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