Inspiration: Taking back the choice

I’m going to be a right royal girl today and talk about leggings. Yes, you heard me right. Leggings.

When I was a teenager leggings weren’t huge, but as I hit my young adult life they seemed to be everywhere. I’d tried some before as a child, with little bands around the foot to keep them from riding up, and I hadn’t felt so keen. But, just as I began to admire the way they looked quite nice with short dresses, long tops and general accessories, I came across the stereotype.

Leggings look bad. They are see-through and you can often tell the outline (and sometimes pattern) of the underwear beneath. In fact, most leggings don’t leave anything to the imagination. Therefore, leggings are worn by people who are easy in the bedroom.

I never thought this, not for a second. I’ve really admired some people I know who wear them regularly, AND made them look great. I wanted to be one of those people. But a little voice in the back of my head reminded me that the stereotype of girls who wear leggings is that they’re “chavvy” or “slutty” – neither of which is a term I wished to embody.

But, you know what? Today, with the warm weather and a bought of bravery, I went out of my way to find and buy my first pair of leggings. I DO have a pair I use for the gym only, but I always felt uncomfortable wearing them in public.

So, right now, I am perched on my sofa writing this post as my dinner bubbles away happily in the kitchen. I am wearing a pair of black leggings with a slight shimmer, VERY opaque and resistant to underwear-spying. I have a peachy-orange dress on, which I could wear without the leggings, but I feel much better with them on. Oh, and some summery flip flops. It’s taken me years, literally years, of admiring from a distance before I’ve realised I’m allowing superficial stereotypes to keep me from developing an area of my wardrobe which I, personally, would like to wear on a daily basis.

So I have my first pair of leggings.

And my message to anyone reading this? If you want to be that hippy chick wearing bright colours and bangles then get some. If you envy the guy in the long leather jacket then find your own. True, not every style works for every person, but you should only say no because you decide to leave it, not because of what anyone else thinks.



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