Museday: Explaining the spellings and concepts

Goodness me, that sounds like such a snobby title!

Anyway, first of all what is a Museday? Pretty much what it says on the tin. A day of muse, particularly of musing. After all, my blog IS about musing, and I often muse away to myself… muse.

It’s a contemplation post. A rant post. An investigative and informative post. A platform for me to discuss my thoughts on some random thing that’s caught my attention.

And this Tuesday, it’s Muesday.

Not Museday.

Okay, I’ll explain. Originally I was going to keep the “Tues” spelling in tact. I like that it rhymes with muse. But I also have a paranoid need to search-engine everything for parallels and, when checking for any prior definitions to Muesday, I actually found something.

Muesday is basically the Tuesday AFTER a bank holiday (such as last Tuesday) because it feels like a Monday, at the beginning of the week. Not a term I’ve ever used or heard, but it exists all the same.

However, Museday doesn’t. Now it does. It’s my day of musings, and it rhymes.

Happy monkey!

So there you have it. Not all Musedays will be such drivel, I assure you, I just needed to make this first one into an explanation for those of you who sort of still follow me.

Also, to briefly update, Edinburgh was wonderful, Loch Ness was amazing, and I still have my seminar later this evening so I’ll come back to you with more news about that some other time. I’m still trying to get unpacked.

Hope it makes sense, hope you’re all well, and hope you come back next time.



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