Project: Making a routine

So here’s my beginning to a new schedule, not just in blogging but in life. I’ve become very disjointed of late, so I’m thinking a monthly goal would be a good thing.

So here’s my beginning step – a writer’s routine.

Monday: Proofing Day (a chance to re-read anything from the week before)

Tuesday: “Museday” post (will be explained on the day).

Wednesday: Working Day (for professional writing, such as reviews, portfolio work and WBR posts)

Thursday: “Inspiration” post (a continuation of my previous “daily motivation” posts with a difference)

Friday: Creative Writing Day (including fanfic, novel, short stories and/or timed writing exercises)

Saturday: “List” post (because lists make me happy! Includes “top 10” style lists alongside others)

Sunday: Choice Day (perhaps with Spirit Journal posts or some continuation of an earlier weekday’s work)

So there we are. The other days are subject to change, but the three days I’ll be posting on here should be set. I know it’s Saturday and I’m due to give you all a list today… well, there’s one in this post technically. I know it’s a major cop out, but I AM in Edinburgh right now guys. Some leeway is needed, and at least I’m breaking into my holiday time to make sure you get a post at all. Which, believe me, is no mean feat.

Untill Tuesday’s Museday post then. Happy weekend!



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