New schedule

As I’m fast approaching my 25th birthday I figured it was time for a decent update and a new blogging routine.

My hair is currently blue, my fingernails a nice aquatic turquoise, and my skin slightly tanned from a drunken weekend of music and antics at my hometown’s annual music festival. I’m around 12 and a half stone again after a bought of illness which could either be thyroid related, some form of anaemia or something else (one of life’s yet-to-be-answered mysteries). But, at 5ft2 and I suppose a size 14-16, I don’t feel unhappy, unhealthy or in any ways pressured to upset myself. Why cry over spilt milk when you can’t drink it?

What else… I’m doing a multitude of courses, got my last Darwen Creates seminar coming up next week and another 7 weeks of healthy eating with the Re:Fresh team. I’m still learning facilitation, and yesterday I did some serious proofreading for a friend of mine. It felt amazing; reminded me how much I enjoy working with words. I’m also applying to be on an interview panel and take training as a resident’s reperasentative in the near future, though these opportunities are both exclusive so I might not be chosen. No loss either way, really.

I’m back on a project with the Action Factory working on something for Blackburn Festival, which isn’t far away. And I’ve heard the Blackburn branch of Creative Support are visiting us soon, so I could perhaps get involved with them again. I’d really like to, they are a wonderful organisation.

I’ve done so much this past fortnight. as well as everything mentioned above I’ve had a few meetings, painted some flags, taken part in a tea room event, got shown how to cook a new meal, part-hosted two group gaming sessions, done some serious flat cleaning, and socialised my squidgey little bum off! And tomorrow I’m leaving for a short trip to Edinburgh with my partner and a lovely couple. Adam says you can see the castle from the hotel – I can’t wait!

So, with all this in mind, I’m figuring out a new schedule for myself. I want to write at least one thing a day, because writing every day was easier for me. But I won’t be blogging every day, at least not on this one. I’m aiming for three posts on here – I was thinking Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday provisionally. I might blog more by choice, but I want to make this a regular thing.

So hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me (again). Fingers crossed it sticks for a bit.




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