For the sake of it

I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to say today, I just know I want to say something. Se we’ll see what happens.

Huge thanks, first of all, to Lois from Living Simply Free for mentioning one of my posts on her blog last week. It’s always really nice to have something I’ve written be picked out like this – proves that my posts do get read on purpose as opposed to found by accident at least some of the time.

Next, I’m feeling extremely positive about work right now. We had a chat the other night about ideas and I’ve been designing the basic concepts of what could be our first Indie title. Good things there too.

As for the healthy aspects, should be doing an in-house yoga class soon, which will be interesting. Confirmed today that I’ve been getting lazy diet-wise and need to start paying attention again. I had home made bolognese for tea, so I’m hoping not to eat again until after tonight’s seminar. Might not be massively healthy, but at least I’m trying to eat my three meals.

Okay, I’m going for a nap now. The fire alarm woke me up way too early and I want to make sure I’m properly focused in the seminar.



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