Productivity vs lethargy

The age-old struggle… at least as far as work goes. Following the evening seminar on Marketing with Darwen Creates last night (kindly provided by Mrs M’s Catherine Mallord, with a start up business story from wedding photographer Richard Jones) I’m feeling really proactive. I find myself wanting to start using my twitter account more often, wanting to blog more constructively, and wanting to pour more efforts into our programming project.

But this hasn’t been massively simple. For starters, the temperature’s now beginning to rise to uncomfortable levels inside my flat. Outside was wonderful yesterday, but as I’m now desktop-prominant, and only using my laptop for emergencies (like earlier when my PC just said no to everything) I’m more or less housebound when I’m working. Add to the equation the hayfever, and the fact that I suspect I’m fighting off a cold, and you have the makings of lethargy city right there.

I’m not too worried yet. Yesterday we had a BBQ before my seminar, and I had a long-awaited chippy dinner afterwards which left me feeling very full as well as very worn out. As a result I had an amazing night’s sleep, and I’ve been in a pretty good mood all day really. Went shopping earlier, had a residential meeting, socialised a little downstairs, and now I’m cooking myself a curry while nibbling raisins and writing this post. Definitely can’t complain.

As for the next few days, I have my best friend visiting tomorrow and a birthday on Saturday. All in all I’m feeling very exhausted, and I’m doing my best not to push too much, but I’m still in a good mood. I really enjoyed meeting Catherine Mallord yesterday as well as having a nice chat with a gentleman from Lucky22 Design Specialists, Marcus Fern. I’m determined to check out their work sometime this week.

For now though my food smells ready. Time to eat and have an evening to myself.



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