I don’t normally do this… in fact, I never do. But I’m having some personal difficulties tonight and I just need to ask the universe a few questions.

I know there aren’t answers, or there are so many it makes the questioning pointless. But I’ll ask anyway.

How are we, as human beings, supposed to make sense of the balance between logic and emotion? When your mind tells you that you are feeling something irrational but your heart tells you that it’s worth fighting for because, heck, if you don’t who will?

How is it that one person can find the impossible so simple? And someone else finds the easiest things a mystery?

When is enough really enough? And why is everything so complex? How is anyone supposed to decipher any sense from anything when we’re all so confusing, conflicting and, when it comes right down to it, fickle?

Why do good things hurt more than bad ones?





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