A personal touch

I’ve had a good afternoon investigating shadows as Francis York Morgan and taking on the survival challenge as Lara Croft. I didn’t expect to come back to my blog today – but, you know, I’ve been thinking. My old “personal” blog had a lot of touches to make it more… well, personal. I posted a weekly quote, I had personality boards, and because I’m a tad listaholic I had so many things noted in pages that I needed to do I barely had space for the tabs at the top.

But I haven’t done anything like that this time, partly because it hasn’t really seemed like anything was necessary but mostly because I just don’t like repeating myself too much. I know I’ve had a few blogs (current count of… nine? I think? Of which only four are still active, my three WordPress ones and the programming one linked to our gaming website) but I take great pride, and always have done, in the fact that no two blogs have ever been the same. They haven’t even been similar! Different layouts,  different topics, different content, different everything I could muster. I also have a journal on my Deviant Art account, but I don’t see that as the same sort of thing.

But, back to my point – I’ve kind of decided I’d like to look at maybe introducing some of those personal touches. After all, this blog’s been going almost a year and a half now, it’s seen me through homelessness, unemployment, mental and physical illness, and the beginnings of a new relationship. Now it’s set to be the diary of my journey moving to a different county, saying farewell to everything I’ve grown up to know and understand in favour of something new, the promise of a future and a whole universe of new challenges.

First thing I want to do, and this is with a mind to my upcoming 25th birthday in June, is start a wish list. No, this isn’t going to be an ever-growing list of everything I can find that I want. It’s going to be a priority-based page detailing the things I want the most to develop the various areas of my life.

In fact – I will write it before I upload this post! And therefor I can link it below:

My Wishlist

Done, as is my dinner. Bon nuit, readers!



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