A pointless anniversary

So I know it’s 3am, and I can’t sleep – not because I’m troubled or restless, like I was last week. No, I’m just not tired.

I’ve been checking my emails and, among the subscriptions, updates and general spammage I found a LinkedIn email alerting me to the pending anniversary of a friend’s new job.

Now, if you were telling me a year ago today someone had a baby I’d be interested. This Saturday is a year since I moved into my flat, which I don’t expect anyone bar myself to bat an eyelid at, and only I myself care because it’s a goalpost I’ve reached. But I don’t think I’m ever going to look back and think to myself, even if I were to wind up in my dream career, that “Today was the day, howevermany years ago, that I begain to work here…”

I don’t care, not even for my own job. Why would I care about someone else’s? I can’t even remember the date my partner’s new job started…

Maybe I should throw him a year’s anniversary of new job party, and see if it sticks. Heck, I think it’s just a new cardmakers ploy. I should start making pointless celebration cards and see how well they sell.

Congratulations! I changed my bed today!

…okay, so I didn’t change my bed. But I did three washing loads, hoovered my flat, ate three meals (ish) and painted a money box! Productive as a badger burgaling a fox!

I think I need sleep…



3 responses to “A pointless anniversary

    • I do sometimes get more interested in blogging late at night. I’m an owl at heart – don’t do mornings.

      And thanks. I saw your blog mentioned in someone else’s and thought it looked worth following. I love reading.

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