Hello March!

So it’s a new month and I’m trying to stay proactive. There’s lists of things I should be doing with my time that I don’t give enough attention to, and I’m planning on making a real effort to see to those things.

Here’s five things I plan on doing more of in March:

Making hot meals because, on days when I’m not feeling particularly well I tend to fall back on lazy alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, I have reason – and I DO eat three meals a day most days. Just not warm ones… I need to work on this.

Getting my Yoga on because I promised I’s try, and I’ve neglected it. I love Yoga, but recently I haven’t wanted to still my mind – I’m afraid of what will happen. But I’ll try it again as soon as I’m a little more settled.

Working through my Tarot workbook and recording my progress in my spiritual journal. I’ve picked up little things, but I want to make a bigger effort with it.

Writing every day whether it’s blogging, fan fiction, or one of my novels. I need to work every day, or at least every “weekday”, to get myself into a proper schedule for the freelance work.

Programming and reading up on how, coupled with some basic games designing. But mostly it’s the logical side I need to work on.

Lets see how we get on with those for now…



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