Apologies and a broken Lent

I know what I said and I’m sorry, first of all. I’m stopping Lent blogging. Here’s why.

I haven’t really mentioned this on my blog so much in its entirety, but I’m not ashamed and I’ve nothing to hide. I’m not the healthiest of people in my daily life – I have dyspraxia, I have some mental illness difficulties that mean I get frequent panic attacks and go through motivation holes that stop me being productive, I have sciatica so I sometimes struggle sitting long enough, and I have IBS that affects my reactions to certain foods and can lead to me being very run-down within myself. Generally I do quite well to keep all these things in balance and still function, but I’ve had a few knocks over the past few weeks and I guess I’ve accepted it’s time for a break.

I’m not defeated – far from it! I’m reading my “how to” book on blogging and thinking of things I can do to revive my mojo. I really want to find a way to make this blog a window into my world – I know my recent posts have generated a bit more of a readership, and I’m thrilled. People like what I have to say. People are interested in my journey into Yoga and my passion for writing and my random arts and crafts fidgets that I do. I know I made one video log before that got a lot of attention and I haven’t done any more, but my laptop (with the in-built camera) has become so broken it’s unsuitable for most functions, and the desktop (which I’m using now) doesn’t have a high RAM and can’t cope with much so I haven’t tried it yet.

What I really want to do is spread it and start blogging on all three (soon to be four) blogs on a regular basis. The fourth blog is a business venture which isn’t to be unveiled for another two months, so that’s something to look forward to. But at the moment, with my head in a tizzy and battered with colds, I just need to step back and relax my schedule a bit. I’ll go back to blogging on here when I’ve something to say – like today. I do have some ideas for new projects with a “not every day” schedule I can use on here, as well as the other two blogs needing some attention. But I have a few things outside the internet that I really need to focus on first.

When I’m ready I’ll be back with a vengeance – and you know me by now readers, you know it doesn’t take much to bring me back. I’m a self-proclaimed blogaholic! But I need to sort myself out first.

Take care, and no doubt I’ll be back in a few days.



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