Lent 9 – clearer picture

Points: 27/25

Exercise: shopping (30 mins)

I know, I’ve been naughty today – but, on a positive note, I’ve figured out some of what’s been bothering me and had a chat with Adam about it. I’m not so much feeling better as being aware and giving myself a bit of leniency.

So I didn’t do the gym today. After shopping with my Granddad in Morrisons I treated myself to a sausage butty and played on my DS for a bit. I’m trying to relax for a few days and keep myself calm to see if that helps my little phase pass.

I know this links back to my Daily motivations of last month, but here’s a heart felt note to all my friends and any readers out there: give yourselves a break. Seriously, if you have things on your mind and you can’t be Superhuman for a while that’s okay! The world won’t fall apart without you. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way, and I know at 24 I’ve picked up on that early enough to really keep myself in balance. Not everybody does.

I’m probably going to be quite relaxed (though honest) about my lent challenge over the weekend. I’ve been trying really hard for the week I’ve been at it so far, but with so many things to worry about I might miss my goals a little. I’ll try to get firmly back on course come Monday, but if I don’t relax a little for the weekend I’m only going to stress myself out more than is worth it.

So here’s to a weekend (long weekend starting tomorrow) of me-time, fueling the niggles and soothing the stresses so I can work on the newsletter at a calm pace and give myself some quiet mindedness. I am liking this plan a lot.



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