Lent 4 – recouperation

Points: 25+/25

Exercise: walking to the shop, around the shop, and back from the shop (15 mins)

Pathetic, I know, but my cold is less of a runny nose now and more of a cough, headache, muscle twinge and all-round yuckieness that lends itself more to soup and bed (neither of which I indulge in) than strenuous activity.

I am so irritated that I can’t start properly counting points – my brain mushes every time I try to add them up. I’ve probably gone over, I don’t care, I just want to hide under my duvet and play Pokemon Soulsilver until I feel better – or until tomorrow, when I’ve no choice but to get on with something.

Valentines was wonderful apart from the cold. The 3-course meal was amazing, and we had a home-cooked meal by candle light the day after which pretty much took all of my energy and I still haven’t finished cleaning up afterwards. But it was nice, really relaxed and romantic, and even with the poorlyness we had a good time. Adam was really attentive when I wasn’t feeling up to much.

That’s all for today I guess. I’m having an early DVD night in bed and hoping to feel less viral by morning. Fingers crossed.



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