Pancake day

Just another reason to resent my lactose intolerance.

Still, I promised I’d do something for lent, and here’s my plan:

Firstly, I’m back to blogging every day.

Secondly, I’ll be Weight Watcher’s points counting every single day from tomorrow (including everything I’ve eaten/drunk/etc).

And thirdly, I’ll be exercising every day and recording how long for to ensure I reach my 150 minutes weekly exercise.

This means every blog post will be concluded with the following:

Points: ??/25

Exercise: “type of exercise ie. Gym, Yoga” (“rough duration in minutes”)

Tomorrow’s post will not be a counter of today’s points, just an update on how I’m feeling at the beginning of the challenge. And Thursday’s post will be very late on in the day and probably involve going over my points count because I’m away for Valentines and, while I’m going to do my best to pick healthy options, I’m only human! But we’ll see how we get on from there.

As for the points – I was on 26 between 13 stone and 12 stone, so I’m down to 25 now – I was weighed yesterday and came in at 12 stone 1, with pants on, so I’m assuming I’m 12 stone and working from there. And I use the old points system, because I have a book for that which tells me what points everything I eat equates to.

My aim is to be under 11 stone by my birthday in June.

So there we have it – Lent diet and exercise plan. Fingers crossed I’ll be in a much better way in 40 days time!



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