Truly addicted

It’s great – I decide to stop doing the daily motivation and within 24 hours I’m back blogging again. Still, it’s a freedom without the structure.

I had a wonderful lie-in this morning like I was hoping to have. It wasn’t one of those “I really can’t be bothered” lie-ins, or even a “don’t want to face the day” lie in. It was more like feeling so warm and content that staying still and drifting between hazy dreams was such a wonderful way to preserve that moment I couldn’t bring myself to break it.

But I did eventually get up, have a shower, and I’m now tottering around on very small heels trying to adjust my balance before tonight, when I’m going out for a drink with some friends. If I can’t maintain my composure in these shoes (which shouldn’t be difficult, but my dyspraxia makes it a challenge) then I can always go back to flats, but it’s worth a try.

So I’m walking around my flat in heels with damp hair, listening to Rihanna and Katy Perry, making an early dinner/late lunch and waiting for my C++ programmers tool to finish downloading from the void of internetland. It’s taking an age, but that’s because my Monty desktop computer is just so very patient with these things. I’m sure he’ll get there eventually.

I’m surprised at how much of a difference a few hours with Adam really makes to my ability to function. True I spent half of his visit asleep because I do sleep so much better around him than without, but he’s so lovely he cuddled up and napped with me anyway – in fact, he fell asleep first! We’re just as bad as each other.

But I always feel refreshed and inspired afterwards, ready to take on the world. I’m hoping to use this steam to make progress with my million and one projects as best I can, and maybe I’ll end up having a productive few weeks, who knows?

Still haven’t settled on a Lent project. I really should get on that.

But for now, my late-afternoon meal is almost ready, and I’ve got some C++ reading to do. Or maybe some computer gaming, relax before my night out. Who knows?

Best wishes for the weekend everybody,



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