Daily motivation 39 – don’t be held back by embarassment

I’ve been riding this one to the max recently. We had a family planning nurse do sessions in my building the other day, and I was the first to volunteer. I’m not in the least ashamed. I’m in a long-term relationship and I know sexual health is as important as any other area of your life. If not more so in a way, because not taking responsibility yourself can endanger your partners. I don’t think many people were swayed by my gung-ho attitude to the meeting, but I wanted to make it into something acceptable and I did that by showing no hesitation.

Another good example of being unashamed to act is a good friend of mine, who has recently been using her excellent artistic skill to commission sketches. Her work is beautiful, and she’ll happily encourage her friends to show support because she wants to promote herself and her skills, embarrassment be bound. I think this shows a strength and belief in your own abilities.

If you are looking to get any realistic portraits done her work has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I’d definitely recommend taking a look – I wish I could draw with that much skill. I’m better at doodles and cartoons.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself or let embarrassment stop you experiencing things, just be confident enough to go for it and you might be surprised by the results. I wrangled a free pregnancy test (negative) from the nurse, and my friend has inspired this post with her confidence.

Try it yourself,



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