Daily motivation 38 – guard your principles

Sometimes life conspires against us and doing what we deem to be the right thing isn’t very easy. I think our fear of being ridiculed can stop us doing what we know to be right or allows us to do something we know is wrong just to conform.

Still, some of the most passionate, inspiring and strong-minded people I know are that way because they stick very fiercely by their principles and their ideals. I don’t mean by forcing that upon others either – if you don’t believe in abortion then I don’t expect you to start protesting outside a clinic. But I also don’t expect you to change your mind when you find yourself in that position.

Having opinions about certain things can be very empowering, because you feel like you have substance and presence. I don’t think abortions are “wrong” because, as I have never had to make that decision myself, I don’t feel comfortable passing a judgement. But I do believe life itself, the miracle and beauty of it, begins at conception and the first division of cells. I therefore believe that children and pregnancy should never be taken lightly.

A viewpoint such as this governs my own actions, and means that I have something personal, like a possession you can’t see and something that can only be modified by you. Nobody else can influence it if you choose not to let them, and standing by these guiding principles makes you who you are. It doesn’t mean you can’t be open minded – we’re all for that. But if you’re consistent then you feel more in control, and if you’re resilient to these principles it can generate a wealth of strength and individuality for you to use in life.



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